Materials Technology

Ecospan: The leader in sustainable durable plastics

At Ecospan, the focus is on the customer. An in-depth knowledge of our sustainable materials and production process expertise, combined with focus on meeting exacting specifications, enable Ecospan to develop and deliver unique, market-leading products for our customers. Our expertise and IP lie in the development of the right combination of materials and process that results in the highest quality, most sustainable products.


  • BioFlow™ by Ecospan-is renewable bio-based durable goods plastic
  • BioPCR™ by Ecospan- is BioFlow™ blended with post consumer recycled renewable/bio-based and or petroleum content.
  • EcoPCR™ by Ecospan- is a petroleum based post consumer recycled content blend

We deliver the best-cost solution for achieving sustainable plastic performance by formulation an optimal balance between material composition and end use application requirements.

Ecospan materials benefits

Ecospan materials outperform all bio-based materials currently in the market place AND compete on performance with petroleum-based plastics by delivering:

  • High performance mold flow
  • Superior finish quality
  • Impact resistance
  • Heat resistance
  • Production tolerance capabilities
  • Colorable (precision color match spectrum)
  • Finish quality range of high floss, textile, surface treatment, and decoration capable
  • Endurance performing flex-fatigue (living hinge)

Ecospan materials out perform all bio-based materials currently in the market place, while competing on performance with petroleum-based plastics while offering a sustainable solution product development.